About Linda Roffel

Linda Roffel Kunstschilder in eigen atelier aan het werk“From childhood I have been fascinated by colors and shapes as a means of expression,”Linda Roffel says. In her acrylic-on-canvas paintings, she takes that fascination and uses it to create passionate portraits of women. Using a palette consisting mostly of black, white and brown, she creates a wide range of textures, capturing the appearance of hair, skin and clothing with precision. Those textures are then mirrored in the soft, dreamlike backgrounds those figures appear against. Applying her paints with a palette knife, Roffel says that she aims to create the impression of both depth and transparency in her images.

That duality is also apparent in the position of her subjects. With their backs turned, Roffel’s women are exposed, but also hiding, adding another level of mystery to each image. The artist calls the path she takes to her finished works an unconscious process, and that sense of spontaneity also shapes the viewer’s response. “I present the color, the skin, the composition, and the structure,” she says. “With these ingredients, the viewers may design a story of their own.”