About Linda Roffel

Colorfield Performance, Sloten

“From childhood I have been fascinated by color and shape as a means of expression”, Linda Roffel says.

In addition to her work as a teacher, remedial teacher and later in studying psychology she has always continued painting. First mainly abstract later more figurative. At this moment, her favorite subject is the women’s back. The light, attitude, atmosphere and expression of the model inspires Linda Roffel over and over to create passionate portraits.

By painting with the palette knife and using a limited number of pigments, mostly payne’s gray, white, brown, and sometimes red or yellow, she creates a multitude of structures that represent the hair, skin, clothing and background. With this technique Linda creates images that are rich in light, depth and transparency.

“I present the color, composition and structure,” Linda Roffel says. “With these ingredients the viewers may design a story of their own.

”Linda exhibits and participates in art projects and events mainly in the Netherlands and Spain but also in New York.

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